Customer Comments and Testimonials

BINGO recognizes listening to Customer Comments and Testimonials is one of the most important modification of what we can do. BINGO invites you to place your review as part of our continuous effort to better understand customer needs and improve the quality of work and services. Thank you for your participation and we look forward servicing your cars soon! Recent Customer comments:

August, 2019

The people are nice…The window tinting is great! By: Aileen Harris

August, 2019

Friendly stuff Good mechanics Good prices , once again great job , thank you guys my car is ready to go 👍 By: Laureta karabollaj

July, 2019

Bingo is Always my go to. He’s always professional and humble. His prices match his professionalism and shop appearance. Once again Bingo’s saves the day-on a Sunday I might add!!! Bingo I Thank you again for the tire repair By:KiaB- MyLifeMyWay >

July, 2019

Nice dude, good price and good service. Got there early so I didn’t have to wait; got two tires and I’m planning on taking my car back over for some suspension work. 👍 By: Murdoch Jeffries

July, 2019

Great price on very hard to find sizes! Very friendly and quick By: Cris m

a month ago – ugustine Kizis

Great place for tires. The owner is a great guy very nice and friendly. I will definitely go back.

2/16/2018 – Matthews W. BINGO TIRE, they are a small family owned and operated independent tire/ wheel shop that prides themselves on customer service and hand selecting only the best tires. They do their very best to be fair and just with customers. They have been serving the Charlotte Metro Area since 2012 and have built a reputation of selling Quality tires/ wheels at a reasonable price with GREAT customer service.

02/17/2018 – Sue G. Reasonable prices, prompt service and great customer service. I went for a tire for my bmw and they offered me used tire and new tires for my car. I have picked the used tire for the price and the tire looked really in a great condition



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