60 Days Used Tires Warranty


4026 North Tryon Street, Charlotte

(980) 207-2732

BINGO TIRES We bring reliable used tire to customers across Charlotte with our professionally trained technician. We are driven to exceed our customer’s expectations, so we commit to going the extra mile in providing best quality tires, service, and overall customer experience. All of our used tires come with an extended 60-days warranty on most used tires, and the manufacturers warranty on new tires.

We pledge the following to our customers:                    tirrreess

1. All of our used tires pass a strict quality control process to ensure physical life and durability of each tire. During this process a trained technician examines tires for sidewall defects, separated belts, high and low spots, flat spots, dry rotting, air leakage and other tire damage.

2. Our tire technicians exercise industry-approved methods, which exclude sidewall repairs. Tires that undergo sidewall repairs are not reliable and are potentially dangerous. Tire sidewalls carry the weight of the vehicle and flex to endure the pressure. Sidewall damage could lead to sudden tire failure and loss of control.

3. We will provide up to a 60 day warranty on our used tires. If the damage cannot be repaired the tire may be exchanged for a different tire. Exclusions include all forms of improper maintenance.