Once you notice your vehicle has a flat tire, if you are driving, you need to pull over immediately. Be safe and Find a flat, stable place to change your tire. You need a solid, level surface that will restrict the car from rolling. If you are near a road, park as far from traffic as possible and turn on your emergency flashers (hazard lights). Avoid soft ground and hills.g This makes it safer when you jack up your car. If you are in Charlotte NC, come to BINGO TIRES, will be delighted to help you especially we are OPEN 7 days/ week.

Now you need to locate the following tools in your car and get ready to change a car tire:

–          lug wrench

–          jack

–          and spare tire.



Steps for changing a flat car tire:

Apply the parking brake and put car into “Park” position. If you have a standard transmission, put your vehicle in first or reverse.

-Remove the hubcap off the wheel “if you have one”

-Undo the lug nuts using your lug wrench but don’t remove them yet. When loosening the nuts, you’ll need to turn them counter clockwise

-Placing the jack underneath your car, make sure it’s resting on a sturdy part of the frame of your car

-Start cranking it up until your car is high enough off the ground to remove the flat tire

-Remove the lugnuts and the flat tire

-Replace your spare tire, slide it on, and screw the nuts back on and make them slightly tight

-Now Lower the car to the ground fully and remove the jack. Finish tightening the nuts and replace the hubcap

Put the old tire in your trunk and take it to BINGO TIRES. Get an estimate for the cost of repair. Small punctures can usually be repaired for less than $15. If the tire is not repairable, we can dispose of it properly and sell you a replacement New Tires or Used Tires.

Although it sounds simple but not everyone wants to change a car tire on their own and remember not to ride on a spare tire for too long, it’s only a temporary replacement. In fact, you can only go about 70 miles and up to 55 mph on a spare tire.