BINGO Tire is one of Charlotte best tire shops for the Top Quality name brand tires and the extraordinary customer’s service that is second to none! BINGO Tire works with top three new tire wholesalers in Charlotte offering our customers best deals on name brand tire prices and tire installation.

New Tires

BINGO Tire is locally owned and operated. We are proud of our tire business that we provide our customers in Charlotte Metropolitan Area. BINGO Tire is OPEN 7 days a week serving our customers need even on Sundays; we believe when our customer needs a tire, they should find us OPEN to serve!

BINGO Tire offers best selections of used tires that like new. Used Tires that fit everyone’s budget with best condition used tires and prices start from $35 including installation for most cars. When you are looking for used tires to fit your car, like new set of matching used tires, low profile tires, mud tires or an extremely difficult tire to find tire; just call BINGO Tire, we probably have it!

New and used tires installation include, among other things:

  • Removal of the wheels
  • Removal of the old tires from the wheels
  • Inspection of lug nuts and wheels
  • Installation of new valve stems as needed
  • Mounting and sealing the new or used tires
  • Inflating and balancing each tire
  • Replacing the wheels on your vehicle with the new or used  tires on them