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Bingo gets the job done. Quick and efficient work and they don’t try to BS you. I’ve had them work on both my car and my girlfriends and have no problems to report. The first time I went there I was dealing with a slow leak in a tire and went to discount tire first. Discount tire offers a free fix to these kind of tires but no such luck for me. They get too held up about liability issues and want you to spend WAY too much money to just replace everything.

This is why I traveled down the road to Bingos and haven’t looked back since. What was a 1000+ fix at another store was less than 30 bucks at Bingos. That’s a no brainer. I went back in recently with a nail in my tire close to the edge of the sidewall. Another one that chain stores refuse to fix and walked out of bingos in 15 minutes and only paid 10 dollars for it to be fixed.

The front desk workers are always super nice and professional. Prices are always fixed and don’t inflate for any reason. Payment is easy and I’ll always go back for sure.

Noah M.


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