The world of racing is right here in Charlotte, North Carolina. Almost 90% of racing teams are based out of the Charlotte region. Three big races take place at Charlotte Motor Speedway: the Sprint Cup Series All-Star Race, Coca-Cola 600 and Bank of America 500.

Charlotte is a cultured city that loves art in all its forms. Outstanding museums and attractions tell powerful stories with their history and beauty, showcasing the city’s spirit as well as the world’s wonders. Helping to promote arts, the Arts and Science Council of Charlotte supports 27 cultural organizations, neighborhood festivals, arts education programs and more, allowing Charlotte to host more than 65,000 performances and events annually.

Yet, there is no much attention and action from the Leaders of The World of Racing to lead the efforts of recycling scrap tires. 290 million; is the number of scrap tires generated annually “US EPA reporting”. considering; scrap tires as a Buildings Material, Sculpture arts, Code of Ordinances usages, gardening decorations and much more! Recycling scrap tires reflect on bigger awareness of saving the Mother Earth! 

 Art with Tires is needed to complete the cycle of The World of NASCAR!

BINGO TIRES Charlotte is an advocate of recycling and finding art in scrap tires. 

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An annual revenue of $3 billion, and the TV contract is worth $473 million a year

The revenue for 2007 is estimated at $473 million for Nextel Cup races, $29 million for Busch races and $3 million for Craftsman Truck Series events. The average increase for each season will be approximately 3 percent through 2014. While the total package of the contract represents an estimated 40 percent increase over the average of the current contract, the actual revenues for 2007 will be less than 2006 because 2007 is the first year of a new deal. The total television revenue of $505 million for 2007 is about $70 million less than the estimated revenue for 2006.