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Finding the right New Tire for your car sometime is a big decision!  BINGO TIRES Charlotte offers low prices for wide selection of new tires; passenger car tires, SUV and light trucks with installations performed by the tire experts at Bingo Tire. Call or visit BINGO Tires in Charlotte and save!  

Helpful information on Tires:

It’s important to inspect the tread depth on the inside, center and outer grooves of your tires. If your tires have low tread then your car is functioning harder when the tread is low or uneven. It’s essential to have them replaced, balanced and aligned by a professional to make certain that your tires wear evenly, last longer and provide you the very best possible gas mileage.

New Wheel

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BINGO carry 2018 Top Of the Line Wheels collection with top name brand with affordable prices and finance option. Wheels and Rims come in many different sizes and styles for Cars, Minivans, Trucks, and SUV’s.