Where to buy used tires in Charlotte NC Best place to buy used tires in Charlotte NC is BINGO TIRES, our philosophy is to give a second-chance to good tread quality and safe used tires with a cheap price to offer to customers who are on the go and don’t have time to shop for new tires. Our used tires are Grade “A” QUALITY safely inspected used tires with up to 80% tread life come with a 30 day warranty and prices from $35 include installation for most tire sizes*.

BINGO have used tires for sale in all different sizes from 13-inch- to 28-inch, running flat, low profile, mud tires and matching sets of best used tires with top quality tread.  BINGO offers tire mounting, speed balance and tire instillation forregular tire size cars, vans, trucks, and SUVs. BINGO welcoming clean shop, top quality customer service, professional uniformed and knowledgeable staff are some of many reasons why our customers recommend BINGO to their families, friends, coworkers, and neighbors.

BINGO Tires Charlotte is the choice place for tire, tire repairs, rotations, mounting, speed balance, valve stems, sensors, used wheel, and much more.  BINGO is an accredited business by BBB – Charlotte and OPEN 7 days even on Sundays.

*Tax and other fees are not included.


Phone: (980) 207-2732

BINGO Tire shop in Charlotte  is Open 7 days even on Sundays!

where to buy used tires in Charlotte NC BINGO Tires is best place to buy used tires in Charlotte, NC and has more Top Quality tire selections and sizes than any other used tire shops in Charlotte. We know tires and tire quality! Plus we add a 30 day warranty on used tires to give our customers an additional peace-of-mind. Our top quality used tires start from $35 at our store in Charlotte where we service tire mounting, tire balance, tire repairs, valve steams, and tire rotations.

Where to buy used tires in Charlotte NC cWhere you are looking for good quality used tires, or name-brand tires,  our shop in Charlotte has exactly what you need. For customers who are hesitant about buying  fit your budget way, just know that we are a one-stop shop that meet your car performance and financial needs.


Best place in Charlotte to find used tires for cheap price with Top Quality tread condition and tires look like new; look no further, BINGO Shop is known for best quality tires, affordable prices include installation, and great customer services. We trust the quality of our tires with a 30 days warranty, up to 80% tread life left, and inspected for safety, our prices start from the unbelievable $35 including installation for most Cars, Trucks, or SUV. Our professional uniformed staff service all tire needs from mount & balance to repairs to rotations using top of the line machines and provide top level of customer services and is delight to explain and answer customer questions.

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 We carry sizes from 13 to 28 inch to fit most cars, vans, light trucks, and SUV’s, passenger sizes, running flat, low profile and we also have matching sets. BINGO welcoming clean shop, second to none customer service, uniformed and professional staff are some of many reasons why our customers recommend us to their families, friends, coworkers, and neighbors.


BINGO is an Accredited Business by BBB

where to buy used tires in charlotte nc



  • Plug – $9:00
  • Patch –$17:00


  • most cars -$18:00                                                                                     

Mounting & Speed balance:

  • most cars: $15:00

Valve steams & sensors:

  • call for prices

Call (980) 207-2732  or stop by our shop we are OPEN 7 days/ week.

Top Ten Tire Safety Tips

Tires have been a vehicle’s most important safety feature for more than 100 years. After all, they are a vehicle’s only contact with the road. Even the brawniest engine, strongest brakes, and most advanced anti-skid system are at the mercy of the tire’s grip on the road.

1. Check tire pressures and adjust at least once a month.

2. Inspect tires regularly for abnormal wear or damage.

3. Rotate tires every 6,000 miles or according to owner’s manual.

4. Maintain tires in proper balance.

5. Maintain steering and suspension in proper alignment.

6. Never overload a tire.

7. Avoid overheating tires.

8. Replace tires when required.

9. Install tires in matched pairs or complete sets.

10. Select the right tires for your vehicle and driving environment.

All new vehicles and light task trucks 10,000 lbs or much less have tire stress keeping track of systems required by legislation. When one or even more of the motor vehicle’s tires are 25 percent or more listed below the recommended inflation stress, the tire pressure keeping an eye on device could discover.

Baseding on NHTSA, under-inflated tires can negatively have an effect on gas economic situation, lead to skidding and reduction of control and hydroplaning on wet surfaces. It could additionally boost quiting range and the probability of tire failures.

Tire pressure keeping track of devices are not suggested to be utilized as substitute for performing regular upkeep such as checking for tire pressure consistently. Even the most effective tire-pressure displays can not make up completely for bad tire maintenance. Here’s the best ways to assist keep your tires as safe as feasible:.


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