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Applying is Fast and Easy
You can apply here online or in the store directly. Most approvals take less than a minute. We require a minimum of $800 in monthly income, along with an active and stable bank account.

Convenient Account Management
Your payment dates will be set to match your employer’s pay schedule. You can also create an account online to manage your payments or call our customer support team 7 days a week at (866) 283-0898.

Build Credit!
American First Finance is partnered with the credit bureau Transunion to help customers build or establish credit. Your account history is reported monthly to ensure your timely payments help improve you credit profile.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How does the approval process work?
A simple application is filled out online or in store. Many applications are approved instantly within 10 minutes or less from the time a completed application is submitted.

Can a customer use an ITIN?
Yes, an ITIN is an Individual Tax Identification Number issued by the federal government for non-citizens working and paying taxes in the US.

Does a customer have to have a job to apply?
No, we accept different forms of income such as Social Security, Retirement, Pension and Self Employment.

What if a customer has bad credit or filed for Bankruptcy in the past?
They can still get approved we do not require good or any credit history to be approved with our No Credit Required program.

Can a co-applicant and the applicant use the same checking account?

Do you require credit?
No. As part of our verification process, we do check credit but we also check other data sources so that we can approve shoppers with no credit history at all.

What is required to apply?
There are 3 requirements.

– Active and Stable Bank Account with corresponding Debit Card or a Pre-Paid* Card Account that has Direct Deposit. All accounts must be open for more than 30 days with activity.
– Debit Card
– Minimum monthly deposits of $800 or more.

*Pre-Paid Accounts that are not accepted: (Comerica, Direct Express, American Express, Blue Bird, HR Block).

How is it determined whether I get approved or not?
Many customers are auto approved. Sometimes we will require a bank or pay card statement of activity for the last 30 days so we can confirm income. If needed, a co-applicant may be added to help determine approval.

How is my approval amount determined?
The approval amount is based on our ability to verify monthly net income and, if available, a credit score. It is not required to have a credit score to get approved.

How much will my payments be?
The estimated payment is based on the purchase price and payroll/direct deposits cycle. Once we put your application through, we can see the exact payment amounts and term.

Can I make a down-payment to lower the amount financed?
Yes. Any amount you put as a down payment will lower the total amount financed.

How much will I pay in total?
This depends on when and how you pay. If you pay the total principal amount within 90 days, then you pay the retail price (plus all taxes and fees). If you pay in 6 months on a 12-month Contract, you pay the principal amount plus all accrued interest within the first 6 months. Once we finalize the Contract, you will be able to see an amortization table that will show you how much principal and interest you have paid with each payment.

How are my due dates determined?
Payments are scheduled based on your direct deposit dates or your pay period

Can I make additional payments?
Yes. You will be setup for auto pay. If you want to make payments in addition to your auto pay, you can do this online or by phone. If you provide an email address with your application, you will be emailed a User ID and Login to access your account online atwww.americanfirstfinance.com. There you may make additional payments. You can also call our toll-free number at 1-855-721-1188 to make payments by phone.

Is there a penalty for early payoff?
No. There is no penalty to pay off your Contract early.

The interest rate is high·
If you pay the principal amount in the first 90 days you pay zero interest.

After 90 days, if you pay off early, you only pay the interest up to the point of your pay off.
If you pay over the full term, consider the total dollars it will cost relative to other options like rent-to-own as an example. When considering the total dollars out of pocket, this plan can be substantially less compared to alternative plans.

The monthly payments are too high
This plan provides you with flexibility of paying weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or semi-monthly. Having payment frequency options, can help to reduce the payment to a more manageable amount based on when you get income.

I did not get approved for enough money to buy my goods and services
There may be a way around this. Approval rates can be modified with additional requirements. In some cases, complete banking information may be requested. Other cases require a co-applicant for an increase to an approval amount.

I want a different term than what is quoted
The term of the contract is driven from the total amount financed. It is possible to adjust for a higher payment and a shorter term if you are interested. We just need to communicate with the Support Center to see how they can help.

I don’t have a traditional bank account
If you have a pre-paid card with Direct Deposit, we can submit your application. We would need the account number and routing number tied to your pre-paid card and a recent, corresponding statement that allows us to verify your monthly income. Unfortunately, the following pre-paid card accounts are not accepted: (Comerica, Direct Express, American Express, Blue Bird, HR Block).

I can’t have my first payment on this next Pay Date
Not to worry. By contacting the Support Center, we can have them adjust your first pay date so long as it is within reason. Tell me what first payment date you would like and let’s see what we can d