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Which Brands Make the Best Tires?

Which Brands Make the Best Tires?

When it comes to tire recommendations, there are several brands that regularly rise to the top. To determine how the leaders truly compare, we calculated a brand score by averaging the overall scores of the tested models for each brand (the scale ranges from 0 to 100).

This data come from our extensive tire test program, which provides detailed ratings on 176 tire models from more than 25 brands.

The tires factored into these scores come from all rated categories, including all-season and performance all-season car tires, ultra-high-performance (UHP) all-season and UHP summer tires, all-season and all-terrain truck tires, winter/snow car and truck tires, and performance winter/snow tires.

We excluded tire brands if we tested fewer than four of their tires. The final scores here reveal just how competitive the market is, with little difference among the leaders. It’s important for tire shoppers to understand how the tires rank in a given category and to consider how a tire model performs. (Learn how to choose the right tires for your car.)

Consumer Reports tests more than 50 tire models every year—for cars, SUVs, and trucks—putting them through their paces in up to 14 tests. Most tests are conducted by an expert team at our 327-acre Auto Test Center in Connecticut.

We test braking on ice at a local rink, and an outside lab assesses tire rolling resistance, which affects fuel economy. We evaluate tread life by driving thousands of miles on a road course in western Texas and use that information, along with the price we paid for the tire, to estimate the cost per 100 miles.

Our tests measure performance in braking, comfort, handling, hydroplaning, noise, snow traction, and other important areas. Plus, we can predict the tread life in miles based on our extensive treadwear test program. This combined information can help you find the best tires for your car from brands including BFGoodrichBridgestoneContinentalCooperDunlopFalkenFirestoneGeneralGoodyearGT  RadialHankookKumhoMichelinNexenNittoNokianPirelliSumitomoToyoUniroyal, and Yokohama.


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